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The Snodgrass Clan History

In April of 1979, a Certificate of Incorporation was granted to the Snodgrass Clan Inc. by the state of Indiana.

This was brought about by Scott F. Hosier Jr. and Laurence E. Snodgrass. Thru Scott's efforts a "grant of arms" was granted to the Clan on March 15, 1984 by the Chief Herald of Ireland, unfortunately the petition to be granted a "grant of arms" by Scotland was never finalized.

In 1979, Scott ordered and received the first order of the official Snodgrass tartan. I don't know, for sure, how much of it he ordered and sold but I do know that I bought the last 12 yards of it that was available. I had a kilt made from it and as far as I know I have one of only three kilts in the Snodgrass tartan.

For those who are interested, the weave code for the tartan is K..R.Y.B.G.B.R.Y.... 6..2..2.. Source: Dgn. T.S. Davidson

In 1986 I took over the editing of "The Mace",the newsletter of the Snodgrass Clan Inc. and was very involved with it for about a year, until personal and business situations forced me to bow out.

The editing of "The Mace"and the membership duties of the Snodgrass Clan Society has now been taken over by Paul D. Snodgrass. He can be contacted at 8221 Stonewall Drive Vienna, Virginia 22180-6947. Telephone: (703) 560-6631.

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